Who do we work with?

Speech and language therapy is offered to all pupils attending St John’s School. Many pupils that come to our school have very delayed communication, language and speech development. In addition, pupils may have a variety of additional and complex needs over and above those just associated with deafness. These needs may include visual impairments, specific language impairments, autistic spectrum disorders and developmental co-ordination difficulties including dyspraxia. A significant number of our pupils have cochlear implants. Those implanted late or receiving second implants may require specific enhanced communication support for language learning and listening.





What do we offer?

Intensive individual time with an experienced speech and language therapist is important for the majority of the pupils in St John’s. This provides essential support to improve areas of need related to communication, speech and language. It is a time when the pupil can both develop and reinforce communication skills with confidence and learn at their own rate.


Speech and language therapists make a significant contribution to pupils’ language development through collaborative work with the teachers and with staff in residence– OFSTED 2012

A variety of speech and language therapy provision is in place to suit a variety of needs. The amount of input varies according to assessment findings, individual needs and reference to recommendations from the pupils’ statement of special educational needs. Sessions range in duration from 15-45 minutes. For some pupils we establish communication programmes that are delivered on a daily basis. In addition, group sessions are offered for pupils who need to develop more effective practical or functional communication skills or social use of language.


The speech and language therapy team has a broad range of assessments, which are used at least annually to chart progress. There are frequent informal assessments being carried out throughout the year to monitor progress in a particular area being targeted. Assessment is used to inform therapy and set new targets termly.


Our team

The speech and language therapy team have experience and highly specialist skills working with deaf children and  young people. We work closely in collaboration with parents, class teachers, learning support workers, care staff and other professionals to ensure an integrated approach to communication, speech and language learning where common goals can be shared.

We aim to:

  • Provide an appropriate level of speech and language therapy to each pupil based on our assessment findings.
  • Help each child reach his/her potential for successful, independent effective communication by developing skills for:
    • attention
    • listening and lip-reading
    • understanding and use of spoken language (at a word, phrase, sentence and conversation level)
    • use of voice and speech skills
    • social interaction and conversation


Our daughter has achieved far more than we thought possible– Parent