Outstanding St John’s

Outstanding St John’s

St John’s is celebrating being rated as “outstanding” by regulator Ofsted for the second time in a row.

Inspectors visited earlier this year to review the care provided by the school’s residential service, and for the second time in succession, rated it as outstanding in all areas.

The school’s residential service provides weekly boarding for students who may be deaf, have hearing impairment and those with an autism spectrum condition.

Inspectors found that due to the residential care provided at St John’s that “children flourish in a very nurturing environment where care is tailored to their specific needs”.

The report noted: “Children enjoy excellent relationships with staff who know them extremely well, and many go on to develop lifelong positive relationships with their peers within both the deaf and hearing communities.”

The inspectors also noted: “Parents say that they are amazed at the progress and the skills children acquire, from entering the residential provision with limited language skills to being able to undertake work experience in busy environments.”

The “huge ambition” that the school’s Governors, leaders and managers have for the children was also noted and the report added: “They are relentless in their drive to ensure that children learn skills and gain qualifications to be able to live fulfilled lives.”

The school provides a specialist educational environment, offering both residential and day placements to hearing impaired pupils and is also a specialist school for young people with sensory and physical impairments. St John’s is an oral school where pupils are taught by specialist teachers of hearing-impaired children.

Head Teacher Ann Bradbury said: “We are delighted to have had our care rated as outstanding for the second time in a row. It is a reflection on not just the staff team and their dedication and hard work, but also the effort and determination that our young people have to succeed.”