School Ethos & Mission Statement

School Ethos & Mission Statement

Working together to communicate, learn, enjoy and achieve.

St John’s is:

  • a community where our values reflect the ideals of the life and teachings of Christ;
  • an environment where every voice is heard and celebrated;
  • an excellent  school, open to change and future challenges.


We are a Catholic school whose mission is to recognise and develop the entire potential of every person.  Our school welcomes young people and their families of all faiths and of none.


Throughout their education, we encourage our students to investigate and reflect spiritually and ethically on the demands of daily life, and to learn that relationships are built on respect, forgiveness and reconciliation.  We encourage leadership through service in all our young people. It is of great importance to us that we educate our students to value education not just for what it brings to them, but for how it can help them contribute more fully to the communities in which they live, and enable them to take their place as responsible, confident young adults in the 21st century.