Knife Crime Film

Knife Crime Film

A film exploring knife crime and its impact made and produced by a St John’s pupil has been receiving widespread praise.

The film, Living on the Edge, features a fictionalised account of a knife crime and has been shortlisted as a finalist in the upcoming National Association of Special Schools Innovation Award category and has also received praise from the Children’s Commissioner’s Office who said:

“I just finished watching his film and was completely blown away. It was gripping, hard-hitting and revealing all at once – for a first film absolutely astounding. Please pass on my congratulations! I will be sure to circulate it with my office, as it is so important to hear about these issues from the voice of young people.

“He is clearly a huge talent, and I look forward to seeing what he achieves from such an impressive start point.”

The film, which features parts acted by young people and staff from St John’s, was created by student Alfie as part of a college project. Living on the Edge can be watched here: