Holidays in Term Time

Holidays in Term Time


At St John’s we recognise that achievement is directly related to good attendance at school. To support this, we try to arrange for support services such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists and teachers from cochlear implant centres to visit pupils in school, reducing the time pupils need to be absent.

We hope parents will support this by trying to arrange medical or other appointments after school or in school holidays.

We particularly ask that parents do not take children on family holidays during term time as this means they miss valuable learning time, even more precious when young people have special educational needs.

Headteachers cannot now authorise family holidays taken when children should be in school. Holidays in term time are regarded as unauthorised absences and have to be reported to local authorities in pupils’ attendance figures.  Most local authorities have a policy of fining parents who allow their children to be absent from school except for reasons of illness or exceptional circumstances.

I hope very much that parents will support St John’s in this area.

Ann Bradbury