Preparing for the future

Preparing for the future

The school recently welcomed a range of very special visitors who not only helped young people hone their interview skills but also taught them about dairy products using a life-size plastic cow!

St John’s Catholic School for the Deaf was visited by team members from Arla Foods on a “giving back” day.

While some members of the Arla sales team taught younger students about where milk comes from – with help from the plastic cow – how it is produced and the different ways milk is used to create dairy products, others helped the senior students learn how to conduct interviews.

Younger pupils enjoyed samples of flavoured milk, cheese and other products which use Arla milk and enjoyed special learning exercises to test their knowledge about dairy.

Students from Year 11 and the school’s Sixth Form meanwhile were dressed to impress as they were interviewed by other members of the Arla team.

Headteacher Ann Bradbury explained: “The team from Arla have helped our senior students learn more about interviews, the process and how to conduct yourself in that situation.

“It’s a vitally important aspect of helping prepare young people for life outside of school, being able to articulate yourself clearly and communicate with a wide variety of people and to teach them skills for employment.

“We held a ‘speed interviewing’ system, where the young people moved around between various interviewers and had a chance to answer similar questions, allowing them to practice.

“Communicating like this can be a challenge for some of our young people and we’re grateful to the Arla team for making the process so helpful and fun at the same time!

“As part of their day with us, the team also helped us decorate a number of the rooms in our residential area, which was very much appreciated.”

James Pirie, VP in Sales at Arla, said: “We’ve been delighted to come along to St John’s and work with the children. It was fascinating to hear their ambitions for the future and we all very much enjoyed speaking with them,

“It’s been a learning experience for all of us too and one we’ve all enjoyed. We all have to learn to continually evolve how we communicate and this experience has shown us there are many ways to do this, and to adapt our communication with different people to make ourselves understood, and make that emotional connection.”